This illustration is part of a group exhibition that took place in Nuremberg, Germany, in August 2017. Nuremberg and generally Franconia is not only famous for bratwurst and ginger bread. People here are especially grumpy and complain a lot. Not because they have it bad, but because it's a kind of socializing mechanism. You can bond easily when you share dislike about noisy neighbors and pathetic politicians. 
30 illustrators that are associated with the Franconian area participated with one DIN A2 poster about grumpiness each. See all the illustrations on the official website:
»Fuck My Life« Illustration
Whenever someone feels grumpy and complains, they are probably unhappy about their life. The area of the brain where one feels content or discontent is roughly marked with the caption "fuck my life". Also the pattern surrounding the person is filled with anger, broken hearts and behinds shitting all over it. 
There are 2-colored screen prints available. Message me, if you're interested:

Video of the exhibition on August 19th 2017 at Eisdiele in Nuremberg, Germany, the capital of Granteln.

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