»Fuck My Life« Illustration
Screenprinted poster for »Das große Granteln« exhibition in Nuremberg.
Personal hand-letterings
Various hand-lettered artworks
GoodType Tuesday
Submissions to GoodType's weekly call for entries using hand-lettering.
Google Deutschland25
Editorial illustration for Zeit Magazin x Google celebrating 25 years of German unity.
Marketing Motivational Postcard
Commissioned postcard for a marketing team.
Show Us Your Type
Submissions to Show Us Your Type, a call for entries about cities and typography
Misophonia Monday
Ongoing series about Misophonia, a condition in which negative emotions, thoughts, and physical reactions are triggered by specific sounds.
NO FUN Album & Merch
CD and Vinyl design for pizza-punk Band NO FUN.
GURR Merchandise
Merchandise designs for Berlin based indie-band GURR.
Band Albums & Merch
Various designs of CD or vinyl covers and merchandise.
Smucker's Checklists
Headers for Smucker's ice-cream-toppings.
Poems & Posies Logo
Logo design for Poems & Posies, Berlin, as well as chalk boards and wooden signs.
Verbena Electa Packaging
Packaging drafts for Verbena Electra, an online shop for dried wildflowers and herbs.
Memodarium calendar
Three submitted quotes for Memodarium calendar 2016.
Various posters
Posters for events etc.
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