​​​​​​​Akne Kid Joe is a four piece band from Nuremberg, Germany, making political punk rock with synthesizers. 
This song is about a "Kartoffel" (engl. potato), which is an insult used for unaware Germans - a nazi in this case. 

The potato is the bad guy in this scenario. After being brought into this world it decides to wander around and cause trouble by being an asshole. Instead of drinking what is offered to it, it mistreats the bar man - a lot of nazis abuse drugs and alkohol. It walks around some more stealing a tiki torch - referencing the white supremacist march in Charlottesville in 2017 - only to find a loving couple and hurt one them. When it finds a cat - symbolic for women because of "pussy" - it decides to abuse it as well. It continues to destroy a farmers market stand and kicks a stolen water melon into a window. In a moment of distraction it is run over by a clumsy truck driving sausage that mistakes it for one of the potatoes from the truck that are being delivered to a restaurant that serves fries. Finally the tofu chef is serving the dish to all of the potato's victims.
An overview of the rough storyboard to keep track of the color changes and action.
Character design
The initial sketches of the potato and the legs it was going to have. I decided to use thin yellow legs as they were easiest to rig in After Effects.
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