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Who is she?
»Vikunia« aka Viktoria Cichoń lives and works in on the country side in Brandenburg, Germany. She creates all sorts of illustrative artworks combined with hand-lettered designs for print, online and animated as well as paints on large surfaces like windows or walls. Her inspiration is peculiar human behavior, feminist rage and silly things which she transforms into fun characters and taglines.
A vicuña is a kind of lama but also a polish nickname for Viktoria.
Viktoria was part of the design collective The Boys Club in Berlin from 2019 – 2023.
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Viktoria graduated in 2014  from Georg-Simon-Ohm University of Applied Science in Nuremberg with a bachelor's degree in illustration. She interned at and worked together with Klub7 artist collective. 2019 she founded the design collective The Boys Club in Berlin, Neukölln together with 5 creatives. Since 2024 she is freelancing from her home studio on the country side. 
She has worked with Penguin Random House, LA Times, Google, SZ Magazin, Meta, Snapchat, TikTok, Food&Wine, Shopify, Levis, etc.

06/2023 Group exhibition for 48h Neukölln at The Boys Club, Berlin
11/2019 Exhibition with Georgia Treloar at Two Planets, Berlin
06/2019 Group exhibition for 48h Neukölln at The Boys Club, Berlin
08/2017 Group exhibition at Galerie Eisdiele, Nuremberg
06/2016 Exhibition at NeuZwei Neukölln, Berlin
05/2016 ShowUsYourType-Submission at Typo Talks, Berlin
05/2016 ShowUsYourType-Submission at Kulturspace's exhibition at The Secret Garden, Berlin
11/2015 vickykristinaberlin launch and exhibition
07/2014 Sommerkollektion 2014 at Quelle Nuremberg
02/2014 Bachelor exhibition at Georg-Simon-Ohm University of Applied Science
10/2013 Salon Regina GoHo 2013 Nuremberg
07/2013 Sommerkollektion 2013 at Quelle Nuremberg
06/2013 Designer's Night 6 at Georg-Simon-Ohm University of Applied Science
08/2012 Mitte Soundbar Nuremberg
07/2012 Designer's Night 5 at Georg-Simon-Ohm University of Applied Science
Viktoria Cichoń
c/o Cichon Wedel GbR / The Boys Club
Weisestraße 27
12049 Berlin
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