Berlin Feminist Film Week Poster
Key visual for the 2020 festival
NUN Magazine Illustrations
Various illustrations done for a magazine for people and by people in Kreuzlingen and Konstanz
Music Illustrations 2020
Illustrations for various covers and gigs
Illustrations for Shitshow Berlin
Spot illustrations for various topics surrounding mental health in a work environment
Quarantine Questions with Kristina Wedel
A series of questions on March 24th during a nation wide lockdown in Germany due to the outbreak of Covid-19. 
Cycling in the City
Personal illustration about the struggle of cycling in a big city.
Podcast Cover for Klischeevorstellung
Podcast cover for Victoria Van Violence's podcast "Klischeevorstellung"
Website Illustrations for Pointed Copywriting
Editorial illustrations for web
Humans of Sicily
Two humans I saw while on vacation in Sicily
Editorial Illustration for Zeit Wissen
Editorial illustation for Zeit Wissen about the come back of papyrus as a more environment friendly version for paper.
Sad Lads in London
These are some men I watched during my stay in London imagining them being unhappy with the masculine roles assigned to them.
Gang Goals
A personal illustration of a very cool looking gang of people.
The Power Project by Supré
The Power Project is a campaign that celebrates creativity and self-expression, during International Women's Day 2019 initiated by Supré.
Fun in the park
Personal series of illustrations about hanging out in city parks.
»Fuck My Life« Illustration
Screenprinted poster for »Das große Granteln« exhibition in Nuremberg.
Snapchat stickers and filters
Various stickers for Snapchat users in Germany.
36 Days of Type 2019
36 days of type is a yearly challenge on Instagram. I designed 26 patterns for the alphabet
Brückenfestival 2018
Key visual and logo for Brückenfestival 2018 in Nuremberg, Germany. 
Show Us Your Type
Submissions to Show Us Your Type, a call for entries about cities and typography
Analogue illustrations
Illustrations on paper with acrylic markers from Posca and Molotow.
Verbena Electa Packaging
Packaging drafts for Verbena Electra, an online shop for dried wildflowers and herbs.
Misophonia Monday
Ongoing series about Misophonia, a condition in which negative emotions, thoughts, and physical reactions are triggered by specific sounds.
neuzwei Gift Cards
Illustration for a gift card for vintage shop neuzwei, Neukölln, Berlin.
Band Albums & Merch
Various designs of CD or vinyl covers and merchandise.
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